Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hero Q/A: Bill Schultz

Hero Q/A: Bill Schultz

With Hero: 108 bringing a whole new season of awesomeness to Cartoon Network in January, we just can't keep our mouths shut. We sat down with our number one hero Bill Schultz, Hero: 108 Producer and Kabillion Ceo, who defined the cool of Hero: 108 in his own words.

Tell me a little about where the concept of Hero: 108 came from.

Pheonix and Pongo, who were hired by Albert Liu, Head of Gamania, wanted to get into creating some interesting IP that could be turned into games. So this animation team housed ata Gamania created this concept which was inspired by Phoenix’s love of the Water Margin Stories. Gamania hired Rita Street, former editor of Animation Magazine, who brought it to me and everyone here at Moonscoop fell in love! So did the folks at Cartoon Network, International – Finn Arneson, Daniel Lennard and Suzanne Berman – the rest is history!

What is your favorite episode from the first season?

I Love them all – but ep number 5 ["Parrot Castle"] – is my favorite!

What age range do you find Hero: 108 fans to be in?

From 5-35 --- it is a multi layered property. The creative integrity is substantial. So different fans will love it for different reasons. The humor is very silly, yet sophisticated. You need to be smart to appreciate its real charm – but simpler minds will just take it for the action and fun!

What do you think this generation's takeaway is going to be from Hero: 108? Any cool catch phrases?

Fear my Eyeballs!

Got a favorite hero of all time?

Batman and Superman! (but I do love Lin Chung – he is a lover not a fighter – but he can kick some @$$!!!!!

Thanks, Bill! You rock! Keep up with Bill Schultz on Twitter at

- The Hero: 108 Team

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