Friday, September 11, 2009

Hero Q/A: Sanvy Hsieh

Hero Q/A: Sanvy Hsieh

Our next hero and all around queen of cool, Sanvy Hsieh, allowed us a sneak peek inside her offices as director of Gamania Digital Entertainment. Gamania not only co-produced Hero: 108 the animated series, but are developing an MMOG game as we type. Check out her answers to questions only a cartoon warrior would ask.

Who is your favorite hero in the Hero: 108 saga?

Lin Chung.

Any heroic super powers you wish you had?

Lin Chung's panther eye.

What is your favorite part about the upcoming MMOG game?

I can really team up with other players as first squad.

Sonia often feeds First Squad by growing magic buns. What would she feed to the Gamania team?

Her super lovely and vigorous fun.

In Hero: 108, each animal kingdom is ruled by an animal King or Queen. Which animal kingdom would you want to be the queen of?

Can I choose the Big Green? I just love turtles.

Thanks, Sanvy! Visit Sanvy and her amazing team at But wait- there's more! If you like behinds and top secret stuff, stay tuned for a behind the scenes look of Gamania!

- The Hero: 108 Team

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